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Renata França Massage

Estética Madeira has the Renata França Massage service. Service with a high quality and satisfaction for you.
Manicure e Pedicure
In our space you will have at your disposal several types of massages by Renata França, such as:

Renata França Modeling Massage: Rhythmic and pressure massage; Full body.
Action: Sculpt, shape, reduce measures.

Renata França Draining Massage: Massage with firm pressure and a faster pace, pumping and maneuvers exclusive to the method; Full Body.

MIRACLE (Drainage + Modeler):
Package of 10 sessions, 5 shaping massages + 5 drainage;
Full Body.

Official Representatives

Estética Madeira é Representante Oficial do Método Renata França


Renata França Modeling Massage - (60Min)122€
Renata França Draining Massage - (60Min)122€
MIRACLE (Drainage + Modeler) - (60Min)
Pack 10 Sessions
(instead of 1200€)
* Added to the massage service is €5 if extras are applied such as: suction cups, specific creams.

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    Renata França Modeling MassageRenata França Draining MassageMIRACLE (Drainage + Modeler) - Pack 10 sessions