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Diode Laser Hair Removal

Estética Madeira is where you can do your Laser Diode Hair Removal. Services with a high quality and satisfaction for you.
Manicure e Pedicure


Between eyebrows10€
Normal Bikini Lines25€
Full groins30€
1/2 legs30€
Thorax + Abdomen60€
Full legs60€
Fluff + Between Eyebrows15€
Fluff + Armpits30€
Cheekbones + Neck + Between Eyebrows45€
Full Face Lady (Pump + Between Brows + Apples + Chin)45€
Normal Groins + Armpits45€
Full Groins + Armpits49€
Fluff + Armpits + Bikini + Half Leg75€
Full Leg + Normal Groin75€
Full Leg + Full Groin80€
Fluff + Armpits + Full Groins + Full Legs99€
Chest + Armpits + Abdomen + Back + Arms140€
Full Body249€
It is here at Estética Madeira that you will find the best Diode Laser Hair Removal service by Milesman. Our results are guaranteed!

Diode laser – Diode laser technology, evaluated by the International Scientific Community;

Results – Great and visible results immediately after the first session;

Sessions – Average of 6 to 8 sessions (excluding cases of hormonal changes);

Supervision – Free Medical Supervision.

Our Machine is True Milesman Diode Laser, it is the only one in the World Certified by the International Scientific Community. It has exceptional results and is Safe, Reliable and Serious!

The results are visible and guaranteed right in the first Session, there is almost no pain. On average, 4 to 8 Sessions are needed. You can go to the beach all year round and is suitable for all skin types.

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    Between EyebrowsFlushChinEarsCheek ApplesNoseHandsForearmsFeetNeckArmpitsArms

    Normal GroinsFull Eyebrows (Design + Laser)Full GroinsButtocks1/2 LegsBeardChest + AbdomenBackFull LegsLaser Hair Removal Packs?

    Full + Between EyebrowsFlush + ArmpitsFace Apples + Neck + Between EyebrowsFull Face Lady (Full Face + E.Eyebrows + Apples + Chin)Full Face + Armpits + Groin + Half LegFull Face Man (Beard + E.Brows + Neck + Apples + Nose)Full + Armpits + Total Groins + Complete LegsChest + Armpits + Abdomen + Back + ArmsFull BodyNormal Groins + ArmpitsTotal Groins + ArmpitsFull Leg + Normal GroinFull Leg + Full Groin

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