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Massages and Body Treatments

Estética Madeira offers Massages and Body Treatments. Service with a high quality and satisfaction for you.
Manicure e Pedicure
In our space you will have at your disposal several types of massages, so that you feel at the very fullest with your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: reduces body mass, promotes the expulsion of toxins and liquid waste, improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism, favoring the disappearance of accumulated fat.

Anti-Cellulite Massage: with a reducing effect, it helps to expel localized fat and cellulite. Provides an improvement in blood circulation and amplifies metabolism. In this massage, specific creams are applied for reducing, anti-sagging or firming action.

Sports Massage: stimulate the muscles to recover after training, as it relieves all tension and helps to remove lactic acid from the muscles.

Back Relaxation Massage

Body Relaxation Massage

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage - per zone (40Min)27€
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Body: Individual77€
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Body: Pack 3 Sessions192€
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Face: Individual47€
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Face: Pack 3 Sessions102€
Anti-Cellulite Massage (by zone) 40min29€
Sports Back Massage (35min)37€
Full Body Sports Massage (60min)49€
Back and Shoulder Sports Massage (35Min)37€
Full Body Massage (60Min)49€
Back Relaxation Massage (25Min)27€
Body Relaxation Massage (55Min)47€
Reflexology (30Min)24€
Indian Head Massage22€
Hot Stone Massage (75Min)57€
Aromatherapy (55Min)47€
Combi SPA: Back and Feet Exfoliation with Sea Salt + Full Body Massage (55Min)47€
Body Exfoliation + Body Hydration (55Min)47€
Body Wrap with Seaweed or Chocolate (75Min)52€
Draining Massage - Draining Liquids [XIXI] (40Min)27€
Anti-Stress Massage - Only the Back of the Body (30Min)27€
Pregnant Massage (Simple Sitting or Side Up to 8th Month of Pregnancy)32€
Candle Massage (40Min)37€
Abdomen Massage (Constipation - 30Min)19€
Sculpting/Shaping Massage (40Min)37€
Glamor Treatment (Massage with gold candle + gold face mask - 60min)35€
Face Bamboo Therapy (20 Min)27€
Bambootherapy Body (back + legs + arms - 60min)52€
Detox Combi Treatment (with lymphatic drainage massage - 55Min)57€
* Added to the massage service is €5 if extras are applied such as: suction cups, specific creams.

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    Lymphatic Drainage Massage - by zoneLymphatic Drainage Massage - Body: IndividualLymphatic Drainage Massage - Body: Pack 3 SessionsLymphatic Drainage Massage - Face: IndividualLymphatic Drainage Massage - Face: Pack 3 SessionsMassage Anti CelluliteBack and Shoulder Sports MassageFull Body Sports MassageBack and Shoulders Sports MassageFull Body MassageBack Relaxation MassageBody Relaxation MassageReflexologyIndian Head MassageHot Stone MassageAromatherapyBody Exfoliation and Body HydrationCombi SPA: Back + Feet Exfoliation with Sea Salt and Whole Body MassageBody Wrap with Marine Algae or ChocolateDraining Massage - Drain LiquidsAnti-Stress Massage - Only Back of the BodyPregnant MassageCandle MassageAbdomen MassageSculpting/Shaping MassageGlamour TreatmentBody Bambootherapy (back/legs and arms)Face BambootherapyTreatment Detox Combi (with Lymphatic Drainage Massage)