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At Estética Madeira you can take care of your Eyelashes. Service with a high quality and satisfaction for you.
Manicure e Pedicure
Forget the eyelash mask and have the eyelashes you’ve always wanted. You can go to the beach or pool avoiding the inconvenience of having a blurry eyelash mask. This procedure does not alter your natural lashes, simply with a special glue, our silk lashes are added thread by thread. Open your eyes more or make them more seductive.


Eyelash Extension 1st Application32€
Eyelashes Extension (Maintenance)27€
Eyelashes Extension (Removal)12€
Eyelash Lifting (50min)27€
Permanently lifting eyelashes (60min)32€

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    Eyelashes ExtensionEyelashes Extension (Maintenance)Eyelashes Extension (Removal)Eyelash Lifting (50min)Eyelash Lifting with Perm (60min)