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Manicure & Pedicure

The Estética Madeira is where you can get your Manicure and Pedicure. Services with a high quality and satisfaction for you.
Manicure e Pedicure
The Estética Madeira is where you can do your Manicure, Pedicure, Make-up and even your Laser Hair Removal. Services with a high quality and satisfaction at your disposal.


Acrylic w/ Extension32€
Acrylic Bitten Nails37€
Nail Polish10€
Manicure Varnish Gel14€
Removal Gel Varnish w/ Arrangement + Shine12€
Gel w/ Extension28€
Single Nail with Extension3€
Single Nail with Extension (Maintenance)1,5€
Gel Maintenance22€
Complete pedicure14€
Complete Pedicure + Varnish17€
Complete Pedicure + Varnish Gel22€
Pedicure Simple Varnish15€
Simple Pedicure Varnish Gel17€
Pedicure - Ringworm Cleaning35€

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    Acrylic ManicureAcrylic Manicure w/ ExtensionAcrylic Manicure with Bited NailsNarnish ManicureNice Varnish ManicureGel Nail Removal Manicure with Fix + ShineGel Manicure w/ ExtensionSingle Nail Manicure w/ ExtensionSingle Nail Manicure w/ Extension (Maintenance)Manicure Gel MaintenanceComplete PedicureComplete Pedicure + VarnishComplete Pedicure + Varnish GelSimple Pedicure VarnishSimple Pedicure Varnish GelPedicure - Cleaning Ringworm